Friday, July 17, 2009

More seeds in my Hands AB

What is it with me and seeds lately? Frankly, I had forgotten the spread I showed a few days ago because I only stumbled on it after I created this spread. So one really didn't influence the other, it was just a coincidence.
The background has some of my hand painted paper I made a few days ago. Since every page I painted was smaller than the pages in my book, I used a filler strip down the middle. Both sides incorporate magazine images, something I have lots and lots of.

For this side, I mounted the magazine image, then turned old seeds into photo corners. I also die cut three flowers from the set of dies my friend Kathy left at my house, then colored the stems using a green sharpie. The word was stenciled on the page.

Believe it or not, the paper clip is bright pink and matches the shaving cream paper mat. I tried to outline the image using a purple marker, but I should have left it alone. I think it makes it look worse. The word was stenciled on, this time using a brass stencil, which is very hard to use since there was no way I could see through it to position my letters. Feel free to click on the images for a closer view.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Findings Art by Donna said...

Great "hand" images and you did them justice with the backgrounds and positions. :)

elk said...

this is unique and beautifully done